Only Promotional Products that work: Australia’s top 100 buys.

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Promotional Products (any item that can feature a logo or advertising message) have become an essential part of marketing mix for large and small businesses, government and social clubs.


Travel MugsCustom Wine

#15 – Travel Mugs – a universally well received promotional item

#96 – Wine gifts – a great idea – but for who?

Australian’s spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Promotional Products every year but unfortunately many are buying the wrong products: products that don’t work hard at advertising and promoting their message.


Taking the guess work out of buying: a world first!

Until now buyers followed hunches or advice from sellers (which is often skewed to selling what makes them the most money).   We have launched a brand-new type of website, The first of it’s type in the world:

The website is very simple – it ranks the top 100 types of promotional items like coffee mugs and pens in order of popularity and then shows you some of the best-selling products of that type.

Operated by trusted Brisbane Based supplier Promotion Products Pty Ltd this website has collated sales levels and ranks them.  Douglas Gregory, Managing Director of Promotion Products says:

The idea behind the site is simple – what sells well generally works well  – or else customers would not buy them.  We gathered hard sales data from ourselves and the largest importers into Australia, we then ranked the categories in terms of sales popularity and made a few adjustments to better reflect what our customers tell us works well.  The list has some predictable results such as water bottles, pens, t shirts and coffee mugs being solid performers but also had surprises’!

Top five most effective promo items in 2018

Drink BottlesTote BagsPlastic PensT ShirtsCoffee Mugs

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Not many surprises here: drink bottles, tote bags, plastic pens, t shirts, and coffee mugs make up the top 5 product types.  Nick Letts who was responsible for the website tells us although these products might seem unexciting but they are effective as they are all functional:

“Often people may think a promotional suggestion like a tote bag or coffee mug is boring and it is boring when poorly decorated.  We pride ourselves on having an industry leading creative department that transform ordinary products into knock-out marketing talking points through the development of great artwork and creative.  Buyers need to find suppliers that can take functional products and make them functional and exciting through great design.”


Top trending promotional product types right now!
These are the products that are in demand and should be used when you want something different and on-trend:  delicious confectionery, handy power banks, cool sunglasses, even cooler cooler bags, funky travel mugs, phone related products, technology products, and blue tooth speakers.  We will tell you what is best for your business and customers!



With over 1000 of Australia’s best-selling Promotional Items is gaining rapid popularity among buyers – people who are busy and want to ensure that they are going to get the best return on their marketing dollar.

Each year the site will be updated with ranking changes so it can become a valuable reference tool for buyers.

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The PP100 Team